“KIWAMI” has pursued the world’s highest quality and safe product for 25 years

“KIWAMI” is the ultimate grain-free dog food from FINEPETS which use the highest quality select meat ingredients.

FINEPETS has continued to seek out the world’s highest quality and safe product for 25 years and FINEPETS “KIWAMI” dog food embodies our focus on high quality products.

  • “KIWAMI” has pursued the world’s highest quality and safe product for 25 years
  • “KIWAMI” is the ultimate grain-free dog food from FINEPETS which utilizes the highest quality select meat ingredients.
  • KIWAME Grain-free dog food use 90% of meat ingredients including duck (France) and herring (Holland)

FINEPETS dog food “KIWAMI” uses an abundance of cage-free duck raised in France and natural herring from Holland to create the ultimate in grain-free dog food with an increased amount of meat at 90% of total weight.

We hope you try FINEPETS wonderful new dog food product “KIWAMI” to maintain the health of your precious dog.

  • Includes 90% meat ingredients
  • Maintains an 87% absorption rate!

Similar to FINEPETS other pet food, “KIWAMI” grain-free dog food utilizes close to 90% meat ingredients while having a high absorption rate of 87% during digestion. Pet owners should make sure to properly control the amount given to their pets and watch their pet’s weight.
As a result of changing the ingredients to 90% meat instead of taking the easy route and going from grains to potatoes we were able to control the erratic fluctuations in blood sugar after meals and cover dogs of all ages whether they are puppies eating puppy food or elderly dogs. This food is also great for dogs that are diabetic or those that have diseases similar to humans such as lifestyle related diseases to provide them food that is safe and gives you peace of mind.

Feeding amount reference

In general, give your dog 1 – 1.2% of their body weight in food each day. However, since the actual appropriate amount of dog food to give will differ depending on the dog, decide on the appropriate amount by checking for any fluctuations in weight and the shape of their stool.

Dog food grain size

There is one size of grain offered and it is 8mm. This size is just right for small dogs less than 1kg up to large dogs to eat without any issues.

Storage is easy!

In reference to requests from our customers up to now, we have taken steps to prevent oxidation and made it possible to store at room temperature without having to store it in the vegetable compartment of a refrigerator which was inconvenient.
※ Because of this the degassing process at the time of shipment from our company has been canceled.


Duck meat (France), green peas, chicken fat (natural ingredients processed to prevent oxidation), dried potatoes, dried herring meat (Holland), whole eggs, alfalfa, locust beanbrewer’s yeast, chicken soup, dried apples, salmon oil (omegaThree,omega6), linseed oil, dried carrots, dried chicory root, seafood extract, chondroitincranberries, taurine, yukkashijigera extract

Manufacturing country

“KIWAMI” is produced in the Netherlands. Each piece is carefully produced in a clean environment with the world’s most advanced HACCP compliant  equipment without using any chemical synthetic additives.
*HACCP is the recommended hygiene management technique by the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO)  to protect the product from harmful items such as microbial contamination to ensure food safety.

In addition, the Netherlands and Japan have had established friendly relations for more than 400 years, and is very cooperative in satisfying the high standards of our company.

Ingredients from China

FINEPETS  food does not use ingredients from China due to problems with quality control. We have no intention of using ingredients from China in the future.
Please use our product knowing your pet is getting the best and most safe product possible.

Guaranteed table of ingredients in FINEPETS “KIWAMI” grain-free dog food 

FINEPETS takes making good pet food seriously. That’s why we only use human grade ingredients for our product. Our product does not use any animal by-products, chemically synthesized additives such as antioxidants or preservatives, radioactive ingredients, heavy metals or ingredients with pesticide residue. This is the reason you can use our product with peace of mind.
In these uncertain times, FINEPETS “KIWAMI” grain-free dog food lists all ingredients included in our dog food. We want you to know exactly what you are giving to your precious pet to eat each day and be safe.

Crude protein36,0%Ash6,7%
Crude fat20,0%Crude fiber2,8%
Water content8,0%Calcium1,4%
Phosphorus acid1,0%Sodium0,28%
Tryptophan6,2%Linoleic Acid33%
αlinolenic acid5,62%Arachidonic acid0,54%
Vitamin A (E672)20.250IE / kgVitamin D3 (E671)2.025IE / kg
Vitamin E (αTocopherol)135.0mg / kgVitamin B19.7mg / kg
Vitamin B214.6mg / kgNiacin61 mg / kg
Vitamin B65.4mg / kgVitamin B125.4mcg / kg
Pantothenic Acid27 mg / kgVitamin C27 mg / kg
Colin1.091mg / kgBiotin540mcg / kg
Taurine800mg / kgIron103 mg
Copper content18mgZinc180mg
Manganese37 mgIodine1.80mg
Sélénium0,3mgMetabolic energy415kcal / 100 g
Glucosamine300mg / kgChondroitin sulfate100mg / kg