Products informations

About the addition of materials weak to heat

Ingredients listed above whose properties are weak to heat are processed and added after the oven bake as to not compromise the nutrients.

About raw materials from China

From the standpoint of FINEPETS pet food there is a problem with quality control,  we absolutely do not use raw materials from China. We also do not have any plans to use raw materials from China in the future. We want  you to have peace of mind while feeding our products to your pets.

About the “copper sulfate” included in the raw materials

FINEPETS dog food contains trace amounts of “copper sulfate”. The big reason FINEPETS uses copper sulfate in our dog food, is that copper is a required mineral essential to the health of the dog (for hematopoiesis, etc.), copper is the most reliable mineral.
You may have questions about its safety, but consider the following: we use this “copper sulfate”.

  • Human food safety standards are observed in all food additives used

According to the Food Sanitation Law, it has been approved for use as a reinforcing agent for copper in human food.

  • This is a widely used and important mineral to enhance hematopoiesis

It is commonly used mainly in human baby formula powder.

Copper sulfate is commonly used as a reinforcing agent of copper in many pet foods, but because there is no obligation to accurately display the ingredients and minerals used in pet foods, it is not often indicated as an ingredient.

FINEPETS dog food, since the beginning of its sales, has displayed accurately all the raw materials in our pet food, so even if some ingredients may cause you to pause, we ask you to be rest assured that there is no issues concerning the safety of our ingredients.

To those who are concerned about mad cow disease and foot-and-mouth disease

FINEPETS dog food does not use beef, a strong allergen for dogs, not any beef-related products (such as by-products, meat and bone meal, etc.) at all. In addition, FINEPETS dog food’s base ingredients are venaison and chicken from Holland.

About the vitamins and minerals contained in FINEPETS dog food

Vitamins and minerals that are included in FINEPETS dog food are all natural in origin.Please make yourself the main name and content to your reference here.

Phosphorus1,24 %Chondroitin100 mg/kg or more
Copper14 mg/kg or moreVitamine A12 000 IU/kg or more
Zinc180 mg/kg or moreVitamine D31 300 IU/kg or more
L-carnitine100 mg/kg or moreVitamine E150 UI/kg or more
Glucosamine300 mg/kg or moreVitamine B65 mg/kg

Vitamins and minerals used in FINEPETS dog food is intended the same level which are all used for human medicine.
There are those that have no choice but to part purification process through the synthesis process, but the petroleum refining etc. are not used at all.

FINEPETS dog food guaranteed component table.

FINEPETS dog food take good food seriously. That’s why we only use raw materials of a “level of human consumption”: Fresh Venison meat, chicken, salmon meat, and absolutely no meat by-products or chemically synthesized additives, so that our customers can feed their pet safely and securely for life.

Crude protein27,1%Omega 63,0 %
Crude fat16 %Omega 30,4 %
Crude fiber< 4,5 %Calories (※)382 kcal/100 g
Ash< 8,2 %Carbohydrates35,2 %
Moisture< 8 %Metabolism amount of energy440 kcal/100 g
Calcium1,91 %

※ Information concerning the calories is written in detail under “About the calorie display”.

About the calorie display

Since the amount of calories that are actually consumed by the body are based the digestion and absorption rate of that food which can vary greatly. The calorie count displayed on typical pet food is not accurate.。

FINEPETS pet food displays the correct calorie count taking into consideration the digestion and absorption rate, but we ask that you feed your dog not based on the calories but rather closely observe any changes in your dog’s weight and stools.

About digestion and absorption rate

The digestion and absorption rate of FINEPETS pet food is an extremely high rate of 87%. This is more than twice the digestion and absorption rate of even the most upscale dog foods on the market.
Precisely because of the high digestion and absorption rate, a much smaller amount of this amazing pet food provides all the necessary nutrients, thus, feeding the same amount as pet foods you’ve used in the past could cause obesity.

We implore owners to adhere to our feeding guidelines, and carefully watch for any changes in your dog’s weight.