Instructions for use

We do not want you to “just buy our product”, but rather hope that you “can answer that you are convinced of our results”. Please be sure to view the Feeding Precautions and feed your dog according to the guidelines under “FINEPETS dog food reference feeding amount table” to get the most out of giving FINEPETS dog food to your pet.
Ensuring that you are giving the necessary nutrients and right balance is the most important thing when feeding your dog.

Precautions concerning storage

FINEPETS pet food does not use any chemically synthesized antioxidants, preservatives, or the like. Therefore, regardless whether the bag has been opened or not (after the bag has been opened, contents can be stored in a resealable container), please store in the vegetable chamber of the refrigerator
During summer months (April to October), please use within one month.
During winter months (November to March), please use within two months.


Dog food reference feeding amount table for the young dog

FINEPETS dog food feeding amount reference table

Feeding amount by body weight approximation table for FINEPETS dog food

How to switch dog foods

  • When switching the foods, immediately changing the amount of food from the previous dog food to the FINEPETS feeding amount without allowing your dog’s body to get used to the smaller amount of food can cause stress for your dog. While switching to FINEPETS dog food, please allow between 2 weeks to 2 months for your dog to become used to the new amount.
  • When switching foods, if your dog seems restless or hungry, try adding boiled cabbage and plain white rice to the food.
  • If your dog has stomach pain and loose stools while switching foods, return to the previous percentage mix, and after observing their condition for 2-3 days, try introducing the new mix again.


CHANGING FOOD GUIDE LINE: Take 1week to 10 days to change from previous food to Finepets cat food.