Customers reviews

I was a little surprised that’s why I’m writing you this e-mail.

I don’t know if it’s because Jack has a weak stomach or not, but when he eats at home he sometimes vomits or has diarrhea.
We’ve given him X-rays, but there doesn’t seem to be any problem with his internal organs.
My wife, who bought a poodle toy, has also noticed that something is wrong.

We gave them your Finepets food, one week has passed since then and we can see at first that they have eaten very well, in the morning as well as in the evening.
And in that short time, some things have come to our attention.

  • Their hair has regained radiance and vitality
  • The whole family felt the change, hair shiny and silky to the touch.
  • The intestines are working very well

Up to now, the intestines were either too contracted or not contracted enough; they seemed to suffer from indigestion but after eating the food we gave them for a week their bowels functioned better, and their stools looked better and smelled less.
My dog can now defecate regularly and without any problems.

These two points surprised us pleasantly. Now the question is: how long will it take to eat the 1kg we bought? And depending on that we can set our order frequency.
After opening a food package, we were surprised that we did not smell any unpleasant odour as with any other food packaging. But after a week it starts to smell. (Could it be oxidation?)

Anyway, we are very satisfied with these products and also very surprised by their benefits, that’s why I’m sending you this e-mail.
Thank you very much.

Kanagawa Prefecture /Je-TM./Mme Jack Russell terrier

I really wanted to thank you for the other day.

I am very grateful every day for discovering your dog food business.
It’s been three months since I took my dog in and I noticed that he had difficulty moving and finishing his meals.
And that’s not all, the smell of his urine was beginning to worry me.
On top of that, the number of times he spends drinking plenty of water has increased, and the colour of his stools is also worrying .
Does that mean his meals are not suitable for him? I’m very worried.

During this time, I stumbled upon your company’s website and thought, “this is it!” and without waiting another minute I immediately placed an order.
Until now, feeding my dog was a chore, but since my order arrived, I won’t trade my dog’s food for anything in the world.

“There’s no doubt about it! That’s it! That’s it! “That’s what I felt in that moment.

There are no words to describe the relief I felt at that moment.
I am truly grateful.

I felt a lot of regret, if only I had known your dog food company from the beginning … but I am grateful to have found you.
Today, I ordered 4 kg of dog food.
From now on, I leave it to you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Hyogo Prefecture Resident /T-M M./Mme Caniche toy

I’m a person who ordered products from your company a few days ago.

Until now I used to give Nina, my female dog, fine meals but she often had diarrhoea and sometimes she ended up vomiting.
We have only been trying TLC’s (Finepets) food for a week now but we can already see her health improving.
Also, in the future, we intend to continue to buy these products.
We would have liked to learn about Finepets products earlier.

Kanagawa préfecture resident /Y-T M./Mme Caniche toy

The products are in good condition, without any worries.
Thank you very much.

I was in a hurry to give some to my dog and my cat.

Contrary to the usual cat food, I was surprised because this one contains small grains, easier to eat.
Especially because I thought these problems came from a time when he was involved in a traffic accident involving a large animal but I also realized that he had difficulty swallowing, so the grains helped a lot. Because it was the first time the pieces were so small, I was really grateful.

I also tried to give some to the dog. I tried to give him some without mixing it with the food he had been eating until now, but as soon as he sniffed the food, he just took a bite.
Sometimes he may have loose stools, but since he started eating his new food, his stools have returned to normal.

This time, I bought these products to try them out, but since both the dog and the cat like them, I intend to buy some more.
I read the magazine that was included in the package I received but as my knowledge of pet food was poor until now, it made me realize that the food I was buying before contained ingredients that were harmful to pets such as bread or cheese for example.
I am thankful that I finally came across food that is good for the health of my animals.

Thank you

Iwate prefecture resident /Y-T M./MmeShiba

A little more than a month has passed but my 2 dogs still eat with as much passion without leaving a crumb.
Even if we went for a walk twice, morning and evening, Polon (a 9 year old female), had difficulties to walk after a while and to go to the saddle; but since I changed to Finepets food, everything is suddenly back to normal.
She can now enjoy herself, and I think it’s done her a lot of good to feel her physical condition improve.

So I intend to continue to buy these products. Thank you very much.

Kanagawa prefecture resident /Y-NM./MmeShih Tzu

My dog eats with pleasure and the visual aspect of these stools is good.
The items arrived without any problems and the delivery man was very courteous.
I intend to continue buying these products.
Thank you very much.

Tokyo prefecture resident /F-A M./MmeUn caniche toy

We owe you a great debt.

My Chihuahua (male) is currently eight months old.
A few days ago I tried Finepets dog food and I have been using it for 2 weeks now.

Even before I discovered Finepets dog products, I was very concerned about my dog and had done a lot of research. I had done a lot of research and I thought that if I bought this or that product, it should not harm my dog.
However, after a little more research, and after discovering the TLC food, I immediately placed an order and the moment I fed my dog, I knew deep down inside that I had made the right choice.

First of all, the bites are very well proportioned.
Our dog has always had a good appetite, he would eat the food I gave him with pleasure but he always left some when he only took a bite of TLC’s food (Finepets).
So until now when he saw the snack I was going to give him as a reward, he ate it looking a little disappointed, whereas when I give him TLC food he eats it wagging his tail and looking happy.

I also think that this change in diet has led to a change in personality.
Ms. Frida also told me that he is a jovial but somewhat shy dog, and it is true that when we go for a walk, people we meet also tell us that he is a very shy dog.
However, since he started eating the TLC food, the wild, lively side of my dog has come out. And when walking or running as a dog he has become stronger, more vigorous and more imposing.
Before, I had heard HP customers say: “Even his personality has changed” and I thought to myself that this is not possible, it can’t have an influence on his personality anyway. But I was surprised to see that this was the truth.

Her hair gained in shine and vitality, and the tears of despair stopped flowing.

In any case, I am very surprised but also very happy to have seen such changes.

After that I have only one wish: to entrust my dog’s meals to the care of the company TLC.
Thank you very much for that.

Tokyo prefecture resident / N・A M./Mme Chihuahua

The dog has just finished eating the kilo of food I bought as a trial. He has a good appetite, and the condition of his stool is normal.

I used to give my dog the food recommended by pet stores, but it was high in fat and gave him indigestion, diarrhea or vomiting.although the veterinarian prescribed a medication to improve my dog’s digestion, he suggested that I change his eating habits because the products I was using were not very good for his health. So I decided to try several different dog products.
Among these products, TLC products contain foods that are good for your dog’s health; his vomiting has disappeared, he has no gas and the shape of his excrement is starting to return to normal. The whole family was very impressed, “Is it enough to just change his eating habits?”

Now that I have finished my “trials”, as stated in your company’s HP description, I plan to continue purchasing these products for 3 months. From now on, if my physical condition continues to improve, I have the firm intention to continue to buy the products from the company TLC.

Saitama prefecture resident /W-TM./MmeShiba

I was immediately seduced by the design.
Before I bought dog food from your company, my dog used to eat well but he never finished his bowl. So at first I started mixing TLC food with his food habituelle○○et and then one day by mistake I gave him only nourriture○○il which was hard to chew. Usually he would have eaten it all in the blink of an eye but then it took him a long time to finish and he didn’t seem to have much appetite.
Right now my dog is eating well and seems very satisfied with his meals because I give him more than TLC food.

Aichi prefecture resident /S-YM./Mme Bichon frisé

Last time, I placed an order for dog food and I gave my poodle toy a taste.
So far, I have tried several types of food, but the result was always the same, at the beginning he ate well and as time went by he ate less and less. And in the end he just sniffed the food before turning around and walking away from his bowl, sometimes he would vomit and it became difficult to feed him.
He would end up eating the food that I put in his bowl at the end of the day. It was at this point, reading the impressions of TLC food buyers about their easy-to-eat food, that I became convinced and placed the order. Indeed, the food was easier to ingest, and my dog ate it without leaving any leftovers; moreover I was surprised to see that when I was preparing his bowl my dog came to see me, maybe he was impatient to eat his meal?
If this is the case, I regret not having given him food that was good enough for his health from the beginning.

Saitama prefecture resident /S-Y M./Mme long hait Chihuahua / Caniche toy