Finepets Kiwami, croquettes sans céréales pour chiens

Best choice for Dogs and Cats

FINEPETS dog food take good food seriously. "KIWAMI" is the ultimate grain-free dog food from FINEPETS. FINEPETS cat food is made for all cat breeds and ages. Number 1 in Japan for 25 years. Now available in Europe and USA.

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Nutrition for dogs

FINEPETS is a dog food only for those who are truly concerned about their health.

Nutrition for cats

We are pursuing the cat food which can be fed throughout their life with “the world’s highest quality”.


FINEPETS 1,5kg for cats

22,00 €

Kiwami 4kg grain-free

52,00 €

Kiwami 1,5kg grain-free

22,00 €